Does this sound familiar?

In elementary school, you get to hold her hand and walk into her class. There is a huge smile on her face when she sees you at the end of the day.
There are ice cream dates, gymnastics classes, soccer games, and sleepovers. And she can’t go to sleep without a book, a kiss from you, and your special song or secret handshake.

Fast forward to middle school and it is “drop me off and pick me up” at the corner. She only asks you for money to go get ice cream with her friends, and no longer wants you coaching her soccer team…and she puts herself to bed.

You long for the days when she’d tell you everything…she opened up to you, asked you for advice and a trip to the ice cream store or a big hug from you made it all better but unfortunately, that’s not reality anymore…

If you can relate…you’re not alone. I’ve been there!!

My daughter and I were (and still are) extremely close. She shares a great deal with me but during those tween/teen years, she struggled, and as hard as I tried, I just couldn’t make it better. From challenges with friends to academic pressure, and fighting with us, it was tough!!
I searched for help from therapists, doctors, and school counselors. It was exhausting, time-consuming, and also defeating knowing she was hurting and I couldn’t fix it.

But in truth, she didn’t need (nor respond well to) a therapeutic approach. She told me she just needed someone besides me to talk to. Someone non-judgemental to turn to and ask for advice. She actually said she just needed some “tools” to help her move forward. Thanks to
some very supportive sports coaches and teammates she found her inner strength, rallied, and had a wonderful high school experience.

After she went off to college, I reflected on those challenging years and wondered how I could help other teen girls and families in similar situations. I wanted to make a difference. I had always had a knack for connecting with youth. From volunteering at schools to coaching
soccer, being a Girl Scout leader, a cross-country team volunteer, I realized that I had supported hundreds of young girls and enjoyed every minute of it. I immediately felt a bigger calling to continue working with teens but in a more structured and individualized way.

I researched and I found the Teen Wisdom™ Inc. Certification Program, a specialized life coaching certification for women who want to make a difference with girls. Their mission to empower 2 million teen girls worldwide with the message, “because knowing and honoring yourself is true wisdom” deeply spoke to me.

I worked through the program and earned my Certification; I am now one of 250 Certified Teen Wisdom Inc. Life Coaches, with a proven toolkit to use with my clients in order to guide them in becoming the strong, independent women we know they can be.

I’m committed to helping girls see that the possibilities in life are infinite and I feel blessed to help guide them (and you as their parents!) to their brightest and happiest future. With the support of The Infinite Teen Coaching Program, I believe you can continue to have those ice cream dates…even in the teen years!!


Certified Teen Wisdom™ Life Coach


BS Criminal Justice
Minor Sociology ODU

Volunteer Work

Special Olympics swim Coach volunteer
Stand Up For Kids Volunteer
Youth Soccer Coach
High School Cross Country Team volunteer
Girl Scout leader
Former substitute teacher and former ABA therapist